Park Central Apartments, Birmingham.

Project Details

  • Client Crest Nicholson Regeneration
  • Sector Residential
  • Services

    Extensive facade scaffolding
    Haki staircase towers
    Bridging & beam structural work

Project Description

The Park Central development for Crest Nicholson has been a multi-phased 10 year project valued at £250m and extending over 61 acres.

Due to the high demand for equipment and the fast track nature of the programme, few scaffolding companies were in a position to commit to the contract. UKASL worked in partnership with Crest at the tender stage to formulate a scaffolding specification and programme to satisfy such a demanding and complex project.

The contact required 6 large high rise apartment blocks to be fully scaffolded, involving approximately 15,000 boards with an equipment value of around £0.7m at its peak.

UK Access are always diligent and proactive in their approach. This coupled with their onsite expertise is the foremost reason we prefer to use them for bespoke multi-storey projects like ours.

Ross Oates
Senior Site Manager at Crest Nicholson Regeneration

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